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WordPress in the Cloud:

  • Divi Theme Builder +

  • Static HTML Site +

  • Amazon AWS

Our proprietary site builder and hosting solution gives you the power of WordPress combined with a secure, static HTML website hosted on Amazon Web Services’ S3 and Cloudfront infrastructure.

You design and build your site using WordPress, Divi and the best of the WordPress eco-system.

When you are ready to make your site or updates live, we upload your site to an AWS S3 bucket in a static HTML format.

Your site is available 24/7, served by Amazon’s Cloudfront and S3 storage solutions.

Your site is further optimized and protected by Cloudflare’s global network.

Because our sites are served by the largest data centers on the internet, they can literally handle an unlimited amount of traffic.

A cloud based, serverless website means no more server maintenance, updates, upgrades or downtime.


How the Divi Theme Builder Works


WordPress Static Website Hosting

Plans & Pricing


Staging and Backups –

on a whole new level

Live WordPress Development

Build your site just like you normally would, but using our development server. You choose who has access and k.

Publish Static HTML Site to Web

When you are satisfied, publish your site to the web. The static files of your site site are automatically tracked by the powerful version control system Git, allowing you to restore your live website to any previously published version with just the click of a button.

WordPress Restore Points

We not only version control and backup the live website, with every publish, we also take a WordPress restore point so if you need to restore the whole site to any previously published version, you can restore the WordPress development site to the version as well.

Industry Specific Sites

Professionally designed, deployment ready industry specific websites. Hosted by our innovative server-less cloud based infrastructure, these turn key sites are ready to go!

Many templates even include custom functionality based on industry needs.